Awake to Emptiness

by blyh

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released April 25, 2019


all rights reserved



blyh Germany

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Track Name: What a Man Can Bear
Paler than ash a sad face stares at the end
By night these weary hands rise in grey despair
Excel in lament and strange regrets
O son torn from rotten wombs

Drink this fear within my withered dreams
Kind mind - turn worlds
tar heart - white bile

Hazy dismay a shattered silhouette
in dreams I wake to utter emptiness
Veiled seem these lights
a sore wit waning bleakly belied

… what a man can bear and die not.

Words, Worlds untold woe
Track Name: Don't Mistake Me for a Friend
An ashen haze
therein a weak mind resides
Obscured and unjust

A man’s black thoughts
weep bleak pearls
O, unbroken daughter - a will to invite

Vaguely shades and shapes appear
A strange one clad in mist and woe
Ruins, rest and dreams of wax.

Resounding with stranger laments
these earthen limbs bleed in relief
Breaking from azure lips
a luring song of unchaste death

There will always be more than one of me

Seceding from flayed stars, the wish to die
Placid chants murmur of silver and rock
The bitter wine of spring.
Track Name: Utica Crib
Purple clouds overhead
Is this dusk or dawn?

Bind blood to blood
Bind bone to bone
Bind man to time to wound to plight

Weary - misty and dull
A golden age gone by

Bind blood to blood
Bind bone to bone
Bind man to wealth to home to man

Loss for names - pealing night
An orchid’s sin.
A tardy beast lays dozing in the murk
My treble debt.

Bind blood to blood
Bind bone to bone
Bind man to debt to land to death

The outside sobs a song of grave despair
A piece of night in my shape
A ghost, like you, I tramp the night
Broken, broken.
Track Name: Voracious Null
Empty, thought, talk
Words undead, in my palm they rest.
Breathing ink: abysmal wealth,
All lust lost - draped in pest.

Hunger unknown
All alone

Empty streets
Open doors gape
in their silent sleeps.

No spirit wanders these fading paths.
Flooding back - wooden souls
Within the walls is movement of a secret sin.
Risen am I - risen decline

Again madness fails
From afar: a skylark’s putrid song
Rustling garbs, a thorny kiss
atra edax pagina - while a kind mind hides to die
Track Name: ...and Die Not
Ever so coyly the son submits to sleep
this soil is made of flesh.
- A sultry thought, the smell of rotten fruit
Drunkenly black flies haw.

Long abandoned are the rooms where we once dwelled
Contours intrude and rack
Immensely quiet and laden with loss
Oh thorny this hour of grief

Sunken, molten, sprawled in rot
From dusty halls we hear
a frozen gaze

Gone, gone, gone beyond
All together gone
None, none, none, none
Gone beyond

Mutely wafting - a sense of times past
Our weak hands burn and die
Where silver spiders find our eyes

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